Anything chicken soup 

Saturday is a lazy day! 

So what’s more tempting for lazy day other than easy cooking. So we cook Anything chicken soup is super easy soup for lazy Saturday. Basically All you need is chicken and any leftovers vegetables in the refrigerator. 

Here’s the recipes : 

~ Chicken

~ Slice onions 

~ Green onion 

~ Chopped garlic 

~ Shallots 

~ Carrot 

~ Mushrooms 

~ Tomato 

~ Tofu 

~ Sausage 

~ Brocoli 

~ Macaroni 

~ Parsnips 

~ and chili flakes just for color 


1: sauté onion, garlic, shallots, green onions and carot until your kitchen full with wonderful aromas, then add chicken and sausage. 

2. After the chicken crisps outside, add water. How many waters, that’s totally up to you and your soup ingredients. 

3. Once its boiling, add seasoning, like salt, sugar, pepper and chili flakes (if you like) 

4. Final step, put your veggies into the soup, hard one first. 

5. Lets eat 😋. 

This soup will surely warm up your Saturday night 💃. 


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